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i like when you call my name
i like when you look my eyes
i like when you smile to me
But it"s not the reason
That I Love You

i like when i cry
you give me your shoulder
you touch my heart, hug me
and make me feel so safe
But it"s not the reason
That I Love You
Nobody know
That I always see your back
waiting you and I see you always walk away
from me

The first time you said
that i was an "umbrella" and
you always singing 'Rihanna-Umbrella"
when we were meet

the last time we were meet
you just say goodbye

what happened to us?
i don"t know, i don"t understand
How do i can stand up?
How do i can see the world?
now you so far away from me

I Love You so
I miss you everyday
without you my life would"n be

we"re so perfect together
now you leave me
after you stole my heart

If i had a chance once again
i will tell you what the things i kept inside
but it"s just too late
you never be mine and
i never be yours

We never be together
until i know you have married
with her   
and i still alone waiting you

waiting you for me
to be ever ever after . . . amin

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